Bukhara Grill

| September 11, 2012

Bukhara Grill, located in the Turtle Bay Area of New York City, is offering a new dining experience — the flavors of the long forgotten Northwest frontiers of India.

Bukhara boasts a very spacious, rustic, yet highly sophisticated interior with an old-fashioned stonewall finish and is decorated in slate, wood and copper with a skylight and a grand waterfall that is the centerpiece of the 3-story space. Hand woven Persian carpets are elegantly draped from the ceilings and the atmosphere of whimsy is front and center.

A passionate team of chefs and their supporting waitstaff are at your beck and call to help enhance your dining experience. While Bukhara serves mostly foods Northern India, it has gained immense popularity among Indians from many different regions, as well as a significant local following. With an extensive menu highlighted with dishes like Garam Lukme, Karare Quail, a plethora of choices from the twin tandoor ovens and a wonderfully crunchy and spicy assortment of battered and fried vegetable fritters, you are sure to find something to satisfy your every whim. Additionally, if you are of the vegetarian persuasion, you have not been forgotten. There is a very nice selection of appetizers and entrees for your perusal. Dive into the Dal Bukhara (a harmonious combination of black lentils cooked over a slow fire, a favorite with almost all gourmets) or the Palak Bhutta (flavorful combination of fresh green spinach and corn cooked with ginger and fenugreek.) This is real Indian food that has not as tampered with for the American palate. If you want the real thing, than stop in and hand-pick succulent kababs drenched in flavorful Indian spices. Become enchanted by the cascading waterfall, or walk up to the terrace, where you can experience the captivating view.

Bukhara has a private consultant on site to help plan events and an ample private party space on the third floor caters everything from office functions to weddings.