| September 11, 2012

TriBeCa has a new kid on the block and 2Spaghi (doo-ay spah-ghee) is poised to make a serious mark on the dining scene. The first effort at ownership by restaurant veteran and hospitality aficionado Mimmo Meloni, 2Spaghi delivered at every turn.

Situated on the corner of West Broadway and Franklin, this unassuming slice of heaven is an absolute must try for the ambitious diner. Conveniently located and a place to call home for locals, celebrities and the culinary adventurer, this is traditional Italian food at its finest. The ambiance is extremely welcoming and a magnificently situated outdoor seating area provides for world-class people 2spaghiwatching.

Meloni tapped culinary mastermind Marco Costanzo to head the kitchen—one in a long series of very good decisions. We started off with the Salmone Affumicato (smoked salmon served over fennel salad and red beet mousseline). Expertly executed and beautifully matched with the Terra Nardin Prosecco, the fun surprise of this dish is that it is delivered to the table covered by a glass dome filled with rosemary smoke. When removed, your senses are heightened by an extraordinary aroma which is second only to the masterpiece that graces the plate—truly splendid. Next up, we devoured the Capesante Porro E Tartufo (grilled scallops served with creamed leeks and truffle paste). This dish paired with a Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc danced like a 90-pound ballerina on the palette—another absolute homerun with a sauce that was eagerly mopped up with the homemade bread gracing the tabletop.

Moving on, it was time to dive into some of the homemade pastas. The Bucatini All’Amatriciana (bucatini pasta with fresh tomato sauce, “guanciale”, pecorino and black pepper) delivered a serious taste of a traditional Italian favorite. The addition of the guanciale (pork cheeks) took this dish to new heights. To wrap this portion of our feast we tried the Romana style Artichoke Ravioli (served with a pecorino cream sauce and dressed with crispy fried artichokes)—just one more thing to rave about.
The ‘secondi’ portion of the meal featured the Zuppa de Pesce, a traditional bowl of Italian goodness. Scallops, clams, mussels, shrimp and sea bass were ensconced in a white wine and thyme broth so delicate, that it really let the freshness of these sea gems sparkle.

The Pistachio Semifreddo with wild berries was a perfectly sweet ending to a masterfully delivered feast. All in all, this was one extraordinary meal and I could not recommend 2Spaghi highly enough. I look forward to returning frequently as they will be starting to serve lunch in the not too distant future.