Honky Tonk Tavern-Southern Charm on the UES

| September 13, 2012

This great new  bar / restaurant which recently opened on the Upper East Side of Manhattan is serving up fresh food and quality libations that are the talk of the neighborhood. To drive sales, they are offering their standard frozen margarita for $4.00—sounds pretty basic, right? But stand back… this is not your average bar pour. The slushy concoction that comes out their specialty machines is 100% blue agave tequila and balanced to an addictive perfection—a true masterpiece.

With a warm and friendly staff, and a menu that whispers delicious comfort food, the  southern charm infused selections did not disappoint.

My favorites were the:

Fried Green Tomatoes (tart green tomatoes lightly fried, topped with parmesan cheese and  served with a Texas Petal dipping sauce), Pulled-Pork Sliders (three mini sandwiches slow smoked with a touch of our BBQ sauce) and Mary Alice’s Chicken Fried Steak (tenderized steak marinated and deep fried southern style. Served with homemade mashed potatoes and gravy).

Trust me when I tell you that the menu has selections that go well beyond what I had the time and appetite to explore, but one thing that was undeniable, the place was filled with happy people. If my trip there was indicative of what can be expected on a daily basis, this will become one of my regular stomping grounds.