Bourgogne Takes New York – First Stop Sushi

| May 6, 2013

On a beautiful sunny day in April, I had the distinct pleasure of participating in a unique journey around New York City, to explore the wines of Bourgogne and some incredible food pairings to accompany them.

This brilliant tour, Bourgogne Takes New York, was an all day excursion put together by The Burgundy Wine Board (BIVB) and Sopexa. It included five stops at some of the finest restaurants in Manhattan, where the sommeliers presented an overview of the various regions in Bourgogne and the chefs prepared dishes to accompany the wines. Since New York City is a culinary Mecca with restaurants that represent many countries around the world, it was the perfect setting to demonstrate the diversity of the wines of Bourgogne.

This event was so spectacular that it requires five individual articles to truly highlight every one of these unique experiences and to share how Bourgogne, the star of the day can compliment so many global cuisines.

sushi shop interiorFirst stop:“Bourgogne meets sushi.” A tasting at Sushi Shop paired with wines from the Côte de Beaune & Hautes Côtes de Beaune.

The Côte de Beaune region enjoys eastern and southeastern exposures making it a superb climate for the production of some of the finest dry white wines, as well as a selection of admirable reds. These wines have a beautiful complexity and elegance that make for a lovely pairing with sushi. Typically you would choose only whites with sushi and we had two fine white choices, but there was also a clever pairing with a delightful pinot noir, which surprisingly was an excellent choice.

Sushi Shop, an import from Europe, started in France and now has more than 90 locations worldwide with only one in NYC so far. The menu featuring over 150 choices,  includes eight special selections designed by renowned Michelin-Starred Chef Thierry Marx. The restaurant’s bi-level dining room has a modern feel that compliments the creative approach they bring to Japanese fare.  

We began with a Domaine Henri Delagrange et Fils, Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Beaune 2011. This aromatic and fresh wine paired nicely with the Chili Crab Spring Roll and my favorite choice: the Yellow Tail Serano Sashimi.

Next we tasted a Domaine Olivier Leflaive, Volnay 1er Cru, Clos des Angles, 2009.  This pinot noir was unexpected and yet one of the highlights. It expectedly paired well with the Wagyu Beef Tulip Sushi, but was also a fine accompaniment to the Salmon Roe Sushi.  

Our last selection was a Domaine Simon Bize, Savigny-les-Beaune, 2010, a perfect partner for the Chicken Caesar Roll, and again the Yellow Tail Serano Sashimi.

Sushi Shop prepares fresh sushi daily, using only the finest ingredients, its no wonder why the brand has enjoyed explosive global growth. This is a great midtown choice for business lunches, meeting friends or even delivery on those days when you don’t have time to go out.