Brick Lane Curry House Too

| September 11, 2012

Named after East London’s Brick Lane Indian Row, Brick Lane Curry House was the first curry house of its kind to open in Manhattan.  After seven successful years operating on E. 6th St. this British-Indian gastronomic spice playground opened its doors at its midtown location almost two years ago. An intimate setting with only 18 seats and a large communal “chef’s “table, Brick Lane Curry House Too has changed it up a bit.

Diners familiar with the downtown venue may still start with original appetizers, such as the Grilled Fish Salad or Lasuni Gobi (wonderfully crispy cauliflower florets.) But true to its name, Executive Chef Kartik offers 11 different Curries designed to tantalize every discernable palate.  Available  are  popular  classics   includin g Vindaloo  and  Tikka Masala, to the more bold such as the wildly incendiary Phaal curry. This was recently featured on the television show Man vs. Food. If you can finish a bowl of this famously fiery curry, a free bottle of beer is on the house. All of the available curries are customizable and can be surrounding your favorite protein, be it chicken, lamb, fish, shrimp, paneer or tofu.

The restaurant is a haven for the adventurous who want to prove their endurance for hot spices, however there is a significant consideration for those who enjoy food of the milder and saner kind. The chef’s special, Mixed Tandoori Sizzler, is head and shoulders above similarly named items you will find. It is a succulent mixture of very tender and flavorful meats and fish. The lamb chops are marinated with Kumar’s secret house seasoning, a mixture of herbs, spices and tamarind and the chicken and scallops are wrapped in pomegranate leaves, adding a touch of bitter to the flavor profile.

Undoubtedly one of the better curry houses in New York, Brick Lane Curry House Too is worth a trip for anyone wanting a delicious Indian meal.