Cheeses and Pickles and Cured Meats…Oh My!

| September 15, 2012

New Amsterdam Market
Sunday from 11am to 4pm
(at the Old Fulton Fish Market on South Street and Peck Slip in Lower Manhattan)

As every reputable gastronomic publication in the US has already noted, the organic/local farmer’s market movement is on the rise.  And with more than 50 greenmarkets in New York City alone, everyone from the Brooklyn hipster, to the Upper West Side nanny, to the Wall Street mogul has at least noticed a cluster of farmstands that set up weekly shops in their neighborhoods.
But those willing to journey beyond the convenience of the nearest greenmarket in their vicinity will attest that not all markets are made equal.  Despite the popularity of the notable “greenmarket” conglomerate – and the very well known Union Square Greenmarket of said group– independent markets continue to be stand-out crowd pleasers, including the Hester Street, DeKalb, or New Amsterdam Market.

My personal favorite of all Manhattan markets is the New Amsterdam, only open on Sundays and filled with foodtruck-moguls, entrepreneurial Brooklynites, and farmers toting products from New England and the Tri-State area.

In my opinion, the best way to enjoy this re-invention of the historic New York “Public Market” is by bike.  Whether coming from Brooklyn, uptown, or downtown, this waterside market sits right along the East River bikepath, making for a most enjoyable pit stop.  A few of my favorite mid-workout snacks?  The refreshing and savory “cold grilled cheese” from Morris (ricotta, zucchini, cucumber, and mint on grilled sourdough) or the delicious brain freeze of red plum shaved ice by People’s Pops.  And if you’re not after the ready-made, there are plenty of outstanding take-home items for your next smorgasbord, including the slightly sour and hearty Finnish Ruis bread by Nordic Breads or the award-winning Cabot’s Clothbound Cheddar from The Cellars at Jasper Hill (which will make the bright orange block cheddar of your childhood skulk away in shame).

But no matter your mode of transportation or your edible intentions,  the  New   Amsterdam  Market  is  a  festival  for  all   five senses; it’s as likely to please a graphic designer or an urban planner as a foodie.  And if that doesn’t sell you…the abundance of free samples might just seal the (delicious) deal.

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