Just One Glass of Wine!

| May 7, 2013

vini combo packAs a single woman and a passionate cook, I like to experiment with new recipes and cuisines regularly.  I also enjoy that one glass of wine to sip while I am reading, writing, cooking or just contemplating life.

Alas, there is always the dilemma of opening a full bottle of wine and having it spoil or lose it’s freshness.  Until now, the only option was a split which holds two glasses.

So I was delighted to learn of a new patented bottling system that not only solves my problem, but can also be the perfect solution to always having exceptional wine by the glass available.

This new system is all thanks to Miami entrepreneur and boutique winery owner, Sunny Fraser who created The Vini – the first ever bottled wine by the glass.  The Vini is packaged in a sleek glass tube with a screw top, making it easy to carry for a BYOB event or a picnic.  It is also a problem solver if one person prefers white wine and the other red.

The Vini is currently available with an excellent California Napa Zinfandel and a California Sonoma Chardonnay. It is also being served at several Miami eateries. Hopefully other wine makers will get on board and embrace this clever solution for those of us that want “just one glass of wine.”

About The Vini

The Vini is a unique, patented, fine wine, single serve format in the 187ml category. The Vini is headquartered in Miami, FL. The winery and state of the art bottling company are both located in Sonoma, CA.


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Charlotte Goldblatt