K Lounge Stands on the Strong Shoulders of Bombay Palace

| September 14, 2012

K Lounge is a secluded, sensual midtown hideaway with plush seating, exotic décor and a mellow vibe. A tribute to the ancient art of the Kama Sutra, with inspired lighting and decor, the space is designed for a very mature and intimate way to enjoy the night out. Upstairs from the outstanding Indian restaurant Bombay Palace, K Lounge provides an erotic side to the West 50’s. Head up the carpeted, mirror-hugged stairs to a truly amazing, Indian-come-Kama Sutra themed lounge. Greeted by a display case of antique Indian masks, your senses are heightened and the anticipation builds. K Lounge is endowed with a dimly lit, red velvet bar area and a décor of ornate, hand carved wall hangings and tables, painted vistas, golden elephants and a gorgeous marble dance floor all of which are imported from Rajasthan. Everything decorating this ornate space has been transported across the world for your pleasure. Small TV screens imbedded in the walls run old Bollywood films while you nestle on silk upholstered silver Maharajah chairs, plush ottomans, or white leather banquettes strewn with vermilion throw pillows. If you’re lucky you may run into the likes of Ashanti, Nelly, Ja Rule or Orlando Bloom, and the large VIP area will allow for you to be one of their many guests, if you can land an invite.

Known for their strong signature cocktails, K lounge is becoming the ‘it’ spot in midtown. Try one of their famously potent drinks like the Kama Sutra on the Beach (vodka, peach schnapps, Hypnotiq, pineapple and crème de cacao), or the Bahama Karma (Malibu rum, Bacardi rum, cranberry and iced tea). They are a great way to get your night started and will set your soul free. Add to that the bumpin’ rhythms of one of their world class DJ’s and you are assured a memorable evening.

If the drinks, great music or dancing ensconced in the fog from the smoke machine give you an appetite, delve into the bar menu. With mouth watering treats like the Tantric Tikka (tender, juicy chicken inspired by warming sensual spices, dipped into a pool of sweet and tangy sauce) and the K Kabobs (marinated succulent lamb, slowly infused with cloves, fenugreek and mint, adorned with sensual spicy sauce), you’re sure to regain your energy and will be ready to party the night away.

For those who want a more subdued evening with family, or a romantic date, it is hard to go wrong making your way into Bombay Palace Restaurant. After working up a serious appetite, we were ready to eat! We journeyed downstairs to take advantage of the celebrated delights coming out of the kitchen. With a lush, old New York charm, Bombay Palace is extremely welcoming. Deep, dark mahogany accents, a 450-gallon salt water fish tank, a beautiful chandelier with a gold leaf dome above, etched glass and lush carpeting—this is New York style elegance.

We started our meal with the Garlic Shrimp Patio (sautéed shrimp with garlic, herbs and spices served over a baby naan). This by no means falls into the category of your average ethnic pizza, which has become all too popular. This was absolutely perfection. Spicy, cool, fragrant, chewy—beautiful. A delicious treat that I could not recommend more highly–excellent as an appetizer, or a lunch meal. Add a bottle of King Fisher and you are in great shape!

Scattered around the restaurant are a collection of prints depicting Indian royalty. There is a truly calming quality to the regal elegance of these pieces and one that emboldened us to move on. We decided to wade into the next part of the meal via the tandoori section of the menu. Noorani Kebab (tender boneless chicken marinated in yogurt, fresh garlic and ground spices), Tandoori Shrimp and Lamb Chops Kandhari (tender juicy lamb shops marinated with ginger, herbs and freshly ground spices, then grilled over charcoal in a clay oven) were delivered on a beautiful platter and satisfied our every desire. Cooked to perfection, the royals inhabiting the pictures couldn’t have had it much better.

Next, we set up a run of the traditional entrees. We wanted to taste some of the food that made them famous and report to our loyal readers. The aroma from the South Indian specialty, Chicken Madras (boneless cubes of chicken cooked with coconut milk, mustard seeds and traditional spices) jumped off of the plate and swirled around the air, while the Lamb Curry in Black Eye Bean Sauce reminded us of a fine home cooked meal. The Mattar Paneer and Dal Makhani, prepared with an expert’s hand gave us a taste of the vegetarian side of the menu and certainly did not disappoint.

Beautiful presentations, excellent service, a truly elegant ambiance and the K Lounge waiting upstairs… What else could you ask for?