Mediterraneo Thrives in Greenwich

| August 19, 2013

mediterraneo entranceSituated on a lovely corner with an elegant nautical theme, Greenwich’s Mediterraneo is serving up some rather fine cuisine. Winding down with a classic Negroni proved to be a prudent choice as we pondered the compelling menu that is rife with choices sure to inspire many palates.

As one might imagine, seafood abounds at Mediterraneo and after careful consideration, we were ultimately tantalized by the Yellow Fin Crudo (avocado, sliced radish, ginger – lime juice, micro spring onions) and the Maine Lobster Roll (celery hearts, harissa aioli, tiny herb salad, brioche bun)—this was just the beginning of what would prove to be a rather impressive meal.

Next up was the Parmesan Crusted West Coast Halibut (tomato-chive buerre blanc, sautéed spinach). Quite honestly, it would never occur to me to use parmesan with a fish dish, but this delivered an incredible and delicious nutty tang to this light as a feather and buttery fish.

After joyfully indulging in jewels from the sea, it felt appropriate to explore more of the menu and proceeded to move onto the mainland with the Sliced Veal Flank Steak (pee-wee potatoes, tomato-onion salad, Chimichurri sauce) which was as unusual as it was spectacular. Executed to perfection, this was a first and left a lasting impression.

mediterraneo barIt was ultimately a luxurious chocolate dessert whose sweetness paired with the tartness of a steaming cup of espresso that put the wind back in my sails and pointed me back to Manhattan.

Incorporating a wide array of global flavors including North Africa, Morocco, Greece, Southern France, Italy and the Middle East into this Mediterranean cuisine is done with grace and finesse. With warm and knowledgeable servers, a cozy, but invigorating décor, and seriously good food, this is well worth the 37-minute train ride from Manhattan.