Milagro Launches Unico Tequila

| September 19, 2012

As a company, Milagro has enjoyed a solid growth in their 14 year existence, but now they have taken the art form to the next level with the launch of Unico which is priced at $350 a bottle now, although initially if you had been quick off the mark or in the know you could have got a bottle for $300.

In fact this tequila is so limited in production and also extremely popular, that at the time of writing, only 13 bottles are left for sale in California. Only a total of 1200 numbered bottles have been produced initially, and the final blend was perfected after consulting with top bartenders at Tales of the Cocktail at New Orleans in 2011.

At a private tasting at the trendy Playa Restaurant n Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles, I did taste this rather rich and complex tequila that leaves a long and warm spice feeling with hints of caramel and vanilla. Clearly this is a tequila that should be drank neat, and brought out only for special occasions.

To craft this drink Milagro blend their micro-distilled silver tequila with their rarest and finest barrel-aged reserve for 30 days. The liquid is then taken through a highly specialized filtering and oxygenation process to enhance the blend and remove any color. Master distiller Pedro Juarez got the go ahead for this venture two years ago from Milagro’s founders.

Only 5,000 liters of Unico per year is produced at the micro-distillation kitchen that was specially built from scratch. In general, seven kilos of agave is used to produce one liter of tequila, but in the case of Unico they use 13 kilos of agave to obtain one liter of micro-distilled silver tequila.

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