Pirate’s Grog

| November 20, 2012

pirates grogRum had been introduced into British Navy rations in the 1655 by Vice-Admiral Penn (Father of the founder of Pennsylvania), but the word ‘grog,’ supposedly only became a nickname for rum in 1740 in recognition of Admiral Vernon, who was nicknamed ‘Old Grog’ because he wore a grogram cloak

Hailing from the Caribbean Island of Roatan, Pirate’s Grog Rum bottles and distributes an extremely fine product. This delicious and unique libation is developed from a blend of rums that are produced throughout the region.

I enjoyed it so much on the rocks and found it so smooth that I felt no need to experiment with cocktails. Anything this pleasing to the palate will surely pair beautifully with many accents!

In addition to the flagship golden rum, Pirate’s Grog is currently preparing to launch a white rum and a ‘Reserva,’ which will be followed in 2013 with a ‘well-saturated’ rum cake. Yumm!




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