Piri-Q Delivers a Taste of Portugal

| September 19, 2012

Prior to launching Piri-Q, Oporto native Chef Rui Correia worked alongside many talented chefs and for some of the best-known restaurateurs like Danny Meyers (Union Square Café) and Bobby Flay (Mesa Grill Restaurant). This, his third restaurant is a treasure trove of taste and quality. Situated along the main strip in Mamaroneck, NY this quaint and tasteful restaurant offered a wonderful experience that will be cherished for some time.

Piri comes from the word Piri-Piri, which is a hot sauce prepared from the tiny but explosive malagueta—an African bird’s eye chili pepper well known and widely used in Portugal. The Q is short for BBQ; hence, the restaurant’s name.

An unpretentious and comfortable space, this affordable gourmet quality food is delivered in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. We started off with the Medi Salad (baby greens, cucumber, pickled onions, black olives, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese with a lemon-honey oregano vinaigrette). This in itself was delicious, a huge portion and a great value. Thankfully we had plenty of friends on hand to share the feast that was to come. Next up was the Roasted Garlic Hummus (served with cucumber slices and grilled mini pita) and the Bolinhos de Bacalau (cod and potato fritters)—a rustic and delicious start that clearly articulated the influences of this cuisine. What folllowed was the Rissois (smooth shrimp mousse empanadas), Chourico (cured fire roasted Portuguese pork sausage) and Garlic Shrimp (baby shrimp bathed in garlic, lemon, wine & piri-piri shellfish sauce). We were truly bowled over by wave after wave of flavor and the omnipresent piri-piri peppers. To close the appetizer portion of the meal we dove into the Meatballs which were an extraordinarily tasty treat, seasoned to perfection and served in a smoky tomato sauce.

Moving on to the entrees, we lavished the Grilled Salmon (served with grilled zucchini, roasted potatoes and mustard sauce) and the Bitoque (char-grilled steak served over Portuguese chips draped with a fried egg and a garlicky wine sauce).

To wrap this extravagant dining experience, we satisfied our sweet tooth with the Pineapple Brulée (a thick slice of fresh pineapple, with caramelized sugar and homemade whipped cream) and the perfect cup of espresso.

Piri-Q is a great choice if you are in the area, or even as a destination. Bravo!