Sadie Kitchen And Lounge In Hollywood American Food With A Slight Edge

| August 17, 2013

sadie parlor

Put this story into the category of a “hidden secret,” because up until a couple of weeks ago I was unfamiliar with Sadie Kitchen and Lounge which is tucked away on Las Palmas Street in Hollywood. It is an impressive space that has just been augmented by their large outside patio area, and it is eight months since Chef Jonathan Moulton took charge of the kitchen. The people who do this kind of thing have decided it is about time he was introduced to a larger audience, so at a dinner this week I got the chance to try some of his signature dishes.

The restaurant used to be the Les Deux Nightclub, a place I had not heard of either, but by all accounts was a rather uncivilized establishment. Moulton has been in charge for about eight months, and his cooking is on the eclectic side, with a typical example being the Moroccan Spiced Grilled Octopus, a dish that I have seen popping up on menus lately with increased frequency. His version is served with pickled turnip, tomato, herbs and a garlic aioli, and although a bit chewy, well worth ordering.

Also seen on a lot of menus lately is fried chicken, and the version at Sadie’s comes with a sweet potato waffle, maple siracha butter and coleslaw. Cooked in buttermilk of course, it was perfectly tender and a good choice to order. I also enjoyed the Bourbon Glazed Ham Chop with spoonbread and a crispy poached egg.

Dessert of Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate was quickly devoured and consisted of a peanut butter crunch bar, malted mocha pot de crème and coconut hot chocolate.

Of course, no decent restaurant these days survives without a bartender/mixologist who knows their stuff, and in the case of Sadie, it is Giovanni Martinez. Examples of his signature cocktails are a fruity summer drink called ‘Summer Lovin,’ (Bombay dry gin w/strawberry-melon syrup, aperol, lemon juice and soda) and ‘French Summer,’ which is a bit more classic and prepared with with Noilly Prat dry gin, lime juice, vanilla syrup and jasmine. Additionally, we eventually also had the opportunity to try the ‘Kentucky Ninja,’ a Japanese single malt whisky w/bourbon, lemon juice and lavender induced wild honey all shaken, stirred and topped off with Peychaud’s bitters.

sadie laIf you are into savory style food, then Sadie Kitchen is for you.

Sadie Kitchen and Lounge is located at

1638 N.Las Palmas Blvd.,Hollywood, CA 90028

Valet Parking $5

(323) 467-0200