Sandeman Winter Spice Sangria

| September 19, 2012

Sandeman, the world’s leading port and sherry company, believes that winter is just as worthy a season of celebration as summer or spring, and that sangria can be enjoyed at any time of the year – as long as it dresses for the weather.

Their Winter Spice Sangria is a new take on the classic sangria, with Sandeman Founders Reserve at its foundation, it celebrates the flavors and colors of winter that make this season truly unique. The combination of fragrant clementines, tart cranberries and comforting cinnamon perfectly complement the rich red-fruit flavors that embody Sandeman Founders Reserve. So mix up a pitcher before your next winter gathering — or create your own version of a Sandeman winter sangria. Sit back, relax and enjoy all the season has to offer — without spending the evening in the kitchen or behind the bar.

Sandeman Winter Spice Sangria
1 bottle of Sandeman Founders Reserve Porto
4 oz cinnamon Schnapps
3 clementines, quartered
6 oz cranberries
18 oz sparkling clementine juice or soda
6 oz cranberry juice
4 cinnamon sticks
Ground allspice to taste

Combine Sandeman Founders Reserve, cinnamon schnapps, clementine pieces, cranberries, cranberry juice and cinnamon sticks in a large pitcher. Cover tightly and place in refrigerator for at least 8 hours. Right before serving, add sparkling clementine juice/soda and sprinkle allspice on top, to taste.

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