Think Pink

| August 10, 2013

chandon sparkling roseRosé style wines have exploded in popularity as consumers discover their versatility with food pairing. For me, I like it standing alone as well, and on a particularly hot day in New York City—sparkling please!

Chandon Rosé, with its refreshing strawberry and plum notes and vibrant pink color, is the perfect sparkling Rosé.  It is exceptional in both flavor and appearance due to the addition of still Pinot Noir at tirage, a winemaking choice which defines the style of this delicious bottle of bubbly!







Enjoy it at these locations around Manhattan:

  • Spice Market (403 W 13th St)
  • Dream Downtown (355 W 16th St)
  • Print Restaurant (26 Little West 12th St)
  • The Ainsworth Park (111 E 18th St)
  • Bryant Park Grill (25 W 40th St.)
  • The Park (118 10th Ave)
  • Jones Wood Foundry (401 E 76th St.)
  • Asellina (420 Park Ave S)
  • Roosevelt Hotel (45 E 45th St.)
  • The Liberty (29 W 35th St.)
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