The Burger

| September 9, 2012

When talking about the classics you must include everyone’s favorite… the burger.

The origin of the Hamburger is often disputed, but growing up in the New Haven, Connecticut area I fully recognize Louis Lassen of Louis’ Lunch as the official creator of what we know and love today as the Hamburger. Louis’ Lunch opened in 1895, but they didn’t sell the first Hamburger Sandwich until 1900 when a customer stopped in for lunch but had no time sit down and have a steak—so Louis took some steak scraps and put them in between two slices of white toast to make a sandwich to go. Great history aside Louis’ real secret is they use the finest blend of five different meats to create a deliciously juicy and tasty burger, cooked on the original cast iron grills from 1898. The quality of the meat speaks for itself.

Now living in New York City the choices for a fabulous burger are abundant and the burger trend continues to grow with new restaurant openings everyday. So here are some of my favorites on the Upper East Side.

JG Melon – a no frills Irish Pub that is always crowded but consistently delivers one of the juiciest flavorful burgers on the UES.

What makes it good: A quality burger every time.
What makes it standout: The bacon cheeseburger is a real treat with thick crispy bacon and American cheese.

Go Burger – from the group that brought us BLT, this is one of the finest quality burgers around. They had some growing pains with service for a while, but they pulled it together now offer one of the best burgers on the UES.

What makes it good: The finest quality steak-like beef.Best Burgers on The Upper East Side
What makes it standout: The most flavorful burger around and the Go Burger sauce is great condiment.

Bareburger – the grass fed beef at this organic eatery on the Upper East Side is always good but often over-crowded with a line out the door, so be prepared to wait.

What makes it good: Organic ingredients make the finest burgers.
What makes it standout: Tons of options including Ostrich and Bison.

Shake Shack – Good burger for the price. Certainly not the best burger but a good contender.

What makes it good: Quality burgers at decent prices.
What makes it standout: Great for families.

All good choices but each one puts their own mark on the classic burger.


Best Burgers on The Upper East Side