Welcome to the New World

| September 15, 2012

Nanking Restaurant is making waves and receiving praise across New York and New Jersey. Their commitment to a first-rate dining experience is rapidly adding to their list of loyal followers. Re-defining Asian fusion cuisine, this fresh take is one that is worth exploring over and over—and with an extensive menu, you can do just that! We explored the location at  2056 Hillside Avenue in New Hyde Park and our experience ensured additional visits to their other locations.

Boasting a beautiful décor including rich, dark wood floors, gold and China red accents and custom lighting throughout, the imported antique Thai sculptures were just the icing on the cake. Boasting a private dining room suitable for any occasion and custom copper-hammered tabletops, this fine dining establishment makes you feel right at home.

There are two distinct menus being offered here: one encompassing traditional Indian dishes which are all expertly prepared, and the other which is focused on a Chinese/Thai fusion. The fusion menu that has been developed seamlessly and expertly combines the two cuisines and delivers a perfectly executed New World experience. It is this experience in which I would like to focus
To say that the fare being presented is original is an understatement. The necessity of a high level of training needed to properly blend the herbs and spices of these two cuisines is extremely apparent and should be left to the experts–and it was clearly the product of tremendous expertise, that time after time made its way out of the kitchen and on to our table.

Starting with the unforgettable Spicy Lemon Coriander Soup we knew we were in for a treat. A vast array of exquisite appetizers like the Crispy Lotus Wheels stir fried with onions in a honey sauce, the Raw Papaya Salad and the Grilled Talapia with a soy-vinegar glaze, lit up our taste buds like a Diwali celebration and made us eager to dive into anything that would come our way
The Coriander Garlic Chicken was outrageously addictive as was the Lobster Hong Kong Style, the Fried Chili Lamb and the Chiang mai Duck. There is so much to speak about as the menu is very well rounded and every dish seemed more delicious than the last.

With an ample wine list, a full bar and the delicious ending of the outrageous Toffee Bananas, you will not be disappointed. Whether nearby, on the train, or in the car, after experiencing the ambiance, food and impeccable attention to every detail, even with the bitter cold, I would have walked from our office in Manhattan.