Chutney Masala Bistro

| September 12, 2012

Coming down Main Street in Irvington, New York, you are overwhelmed with the beautiful view of the Hudson River and in the distance, the Tappan Zee Bridge. As you wind around the train station in the quaint village, all of a sudden, there it is, sitting ringside, Chutney Masala Bistro.

Venturing into Chutney Masala is an exciting experience. Rich with history, this is a re-claimed lumber factory that is over a century inChutney Masala Bistro the making. With exposed brick, original beams and antique industrial fixtures, it is prosperous with local culture. But the story does not end there. Combine that with saffron hued walls, dark wood, various cozy seating areas and a dramatic environment has been created that sets the stage for an experience to be remembered–one that you will want to repeat.

Chutney Masala’s Executive Chef, co-owner and James Beard honoree, Navjot Arora, has a deep understanding of what the dining experience is all about. Sourcing locally-grown fruits and vegetables, all natural poultry, free range lamb and wild, not farmed seafood, this is a man with an eye toward the future—a future rife with exquisite Indian food.

With many dishes prepared in an authentic tandoori clay oven, Chutney Masala’s exciting array of culinary offerings will satisfy even the most demanding palate. This is a place where you should let your guard down, venture off the beaten path and out of your comfort zone. You will not be disappointed.

Leave all your notions of Indian food at home, open your mind and prepare yourself for a dining experience that will change you… forever.