Antojeria La Popular – A Celebration of Mexican Street Food

| February 1, 2013

Antojeria La PopularAntojeria La Popular, a brand new Mexican tapas restaurant, is bringing excitement to Nolita. An antojito is a Mexican street snack designed to satisfy a craving and translated literally, means “little whim.”

Nestled just below street level at 50 Spring Street, this is a truly unique establishment that is rife with warmth and ambiance. Entering this cozy enclave is a unique experience in itself, with extremely tasteful architectural accents and wonderful lighting, you are welcomed from the moment you cross the threshold.

La Popular uses an array of beautiful local ingredients and only the finest cheeses and sauces to deliver their concept—a healthier and apopular2less known side of Mexico. In a tasting of 3-4 tapas, one can take a virtual tour of authentic Mexican cuisine and this is exactly what we did, but not before sampling the delicious house-made sangria.

The vibrancy and flavor palette of these little masterpieces satisfied right from the beginning. Chipotle chilies, bright green tomatillos and crispy corn tostadas provided a perfect canvas for the unique delights that unfolded over the course of our evening.

First up was the Sirloin, Shrimp and Tilapia Ceviche (Distrito Federal). To put sirloin in a Ceviche preparation is original in itself, but mixed with the chosen fish and seasonings, tantalized our palates and prepared us for what was next. The Corn off the Cob (Morelos) was everything you love about a traditional Mexican corn on the cob, just made easier by placing all of the ingredients in a cup—absolutely delicious!

To keep the next dish company, we tried the Maria Bonita, a Mexican Bloody Mary made with Clamato, worcestershire, maggi, lime, valentine and beer, with a sweet chili rim salt. This was truly spectacular and laid the groundwork for the platter containing the Jicama Taco (raw tuna, mango and habanero), Pita Taco (bacon, shrimp and cheese) and the Chicken Mole Corn Tostada. These were all exquisite and articulated just what authentic Mexican cuisine should look and taste like.

crickets on blue corn tostadaI was starting to think about dessert, when the waiter suggested we try the unique La Popular dish Crickets on a Blue Corn Tostada (Chiapas). Yes, those kinds of crickets! Crispy, salty and set atop a slathering of delicious guacamole, this was the real thing and certainly an experience to remember.

Along with one of the finest flans in memory, we imbibed the original Señorita, a wine cocktail made with cilantro, agave, lime and serrano chile—absolutely delicious and a great ending to a wonderful evening.

The quality of the food at Antojeria La Popular is greatly highlighted by the heightened level of service and the extremely warm environment. This is a must try!