Chocolate And Sambuca, A Love Match

| January 26, 2013

Lindt Molinari SambucaAngelo Molinari created Molinari Sambuca in 1945.  This smooth, rich, full-bodied liqueur is considered one of Italy’s most celebrated masterpieces and is the best selling liqueur in Italy as well as the most desired Sambuca in the world.

Those of us that are gastronomically Italian know that traditionally the perfect finish to a wonderful meal is a glass of Molinari Sambuca. In Italy it is common to serve Sambuca neat with a few floating coffee beans sprinkled on top; called Sambuca con la mosca (literally, “Sambuca with fly”). Although mainly ornamental, the three coffee beans are symbolic of health, happiness and prosperity and absorb the delicious star anise flavor that gives the Molinari Sambuca its wonderful licorice flavor.  The coffee beans are often chewed when the Sambuca is finished.

Try adding the new dimension of enjoying a Lindt dark chocolate shell with the Molinari Sambuca and savor the intense sweet pairing as these flavors slowly unravel.  Since 1845 Lindt Maîtres Chocolatiers have developed unique, secret recipes, that guarantee the   smoothest, finest premium chocolate alindt sambucavailable today.

What makes this match of Lindt Chocolate and Molinari Sambuca so special is that both components are the “best of the best.” By combining Lindt Chocolate with Molinari Sambuca, you will fall in love with this ultimate pairing and have a new favorite finish to a wonderful meal.  Enjoy!

Charlotte Goldblatt