Just Like Home

| September 19, 2012

The new Raga Restaurant, situated in the shadow of the Plaza Hotel, is delivering a dining experience that is reminiscent of a fine, home cooked Indian meal. Presented with all the love, caring and taste you’d find in a traditional Indian home, every dish is cooked to order. We traversed the stairway to their second story location and entered their space overlooking the bustling 56th Street of Midtown Manhattan.

The menu is stacked with regional delights, vegetarian entrees and tandoori specialties. Ready to dive right in, we got started with the Aloo Papri (a tangy appetizer consisting of potatoes & chick peas smothered with mint chutney) and the Tandoori Paneer Tikka (soft, juicy chunks of cheese, spices, onions and bell pepper cooked in a clay oven). Both exquisite and showcasing freshness and cooking expertise, it  was just  what  we needed to get ourengines warmed up. Next came the Malai Kabab and the Chicken Tikka. With extraordinarily fresh and quality ingredients, every dish we tried seemed to be better than the last. Cooked to perfection and bursting with freshly ground spices, we were loving life. Moving forward we dove into the fiery Chicken Vindaloo and the mild but scrumptious Daal Makhani (black grain lentil with tomato flavor). Served with a delicious and at times unique assortment of naan, we were extremely satisfied. To put a cap on our meal we indulged in the Vermicelli Kheer. A riff on the traditional rice pudding, with fine noodles replacing the rice; it was a delicate and perfect end to a wonderful dining experience.

With 38 years of global experience, owner, Priti Singh Diler, takes a tremendous amount of pride in delivering an exceptional culinary journey to all who cross his threshold. It seemed that every dish we sampled was alive with flavor and begging to be enjoyed. However, the thing that will bring us back and what was most appreciated, is that when you are at Raga, you are family.