Malbec Glass Introduced By Riedel Glassware

| May 9, 2013

Riedel_pour_04Who knew that when a new wine glass is introduced, it can take up to a year from inception to market? Such is the case with the new Malbec glass from Riedel Glassware. Since there are glasses for many varietals of wine including Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir, Malbec’s time has finally come.

Riedel in fact teamed up with Bodegas Graffigna to create this glass which is made out of non-lead crystal. The aroma of the wine is heightened by the wider size of the bowl and the narrower width of the mouth. Since Malbec has very fruit forward aromas and in particular red and black berries, the taste of the wine is more intense as the bowl has allowed the wine to breathe.

The stem is designed to balance the design and to keep your hands from warming the wine. The base is also designed to stabilize the glass and to showcase the creators logos, which can be found engraved inn the base. The glasses are currently only available from Graffigna wines and can be ordered directly from They will be available for the next six months.

I recently had the opportunity to try a couple of the Malbec wines from Graffigna at a private launch of the glass in West Hollywood at Riedel+GR+Centenario_USAMercato de Vetro Italian restaurant. This event was hosted by Graffigna Global Representative Federico Lleonart who flew in from Buenos Aires to educate us about Malbec. During the event, I tasted the Centenario Reserve Malbec and the Grand Reserve Malbec. Although the Malbec grape is a often associated with Argentina, it actually originated in France.

Both of these wines displayed all the qualities of an excellent Argentine Malbec; the Centenario, tasting like ripe berries with black pepper and spices and The Grand Reserve has deep plum aromas with smoke and chocolate notes that come from the oak and bottle aging. The lively feeling in the mouth along with its lasting finish, makes this a wine well worth seeking out.