Mother Nature’s Solution to an Energy Boost—an All-Natural ‘Kick in the Pants!’

| January 7, 2014

nergiaAmerica's Naturals ventured deep in the Brazilian Rainforest to develop NERGIA (pronounced: EN-ER-GIA), delivering a solution for those in need of an energy boost, but unwilling to compromise on healthfulness. This new option very successfully fills the demand for a 100% natural energy product that is geared to people who want to avoid artificial sweeteners, preservatives and ingredients they cannot pronounce—but still want that extra kick.

Derived from a proprietary blend of Guarana, Acai and Catuba, extracted from the finest plants, seeds, berries and bark on the planet, this healthful blend of energy-producing components delivers the all-natural energy boost you need, without Taurine, or any negative side effects,.

An additional bonus is the fact that it is produced from non-GMO crops grown in the region, helping the natives improve their quality of life without affecting the delicate, natural balance of the rainforest region.

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