Pays d’Oc

| October 25, 2012

By: Leslie Goldblatt & Charlotte Goldblatt

What is the secret to finding wines from France that are high in quality and still affordable? Look no further than Pays d’Oc which offers many of the preferred grape varieties, including Pinot Noir, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay with prices that make the wines available to a broad range of people.

Recently we had the opportunity to attend a wine event at the remarkable Vinatta Project in the Meatpacking district, where we tasted a number of wines from the tremendous Pays d’Oc vineyard in the South of France.

Some of our favorites include:

La Forge Estate, Sauvignon Blanc 2011:

A well-dressed wine with a lasting finish. The flavor profile includes tropical fruits, hazelnuts and a bit of vanilla. Pairs well with seafood or chicken and also soft cheese and fruit. Priced around $12.99

Jean Luc Colombo, Cuvee La Violette Viognier 2010:

A bright wine with striking fruit aromas including peaches and exotics. This wine is refined and compatible with richer or spicy foods. Priced around $13.99

Domaine de Larzac, Rousanne-Chardonnay 2010:

This blend shows a lovely balance between the magnificence of the Chardonnay and the fragrant minerality of the Roussanne. Suggested pairings are roasted chicken, grilled pork or veal. Also pairs well with cheese. Priced around $11.99

Anne de Joyeuse, Gargantuavis Pinot Noir 2010:

This intense ruby colored wine presents a cherry and red fruit bouquet with a lasting finish that includes hints of hazelnut and vanilla. This wine pairs well with meat, chicken or veal. Priced around $16.50

Domaine Gayda, Figure Libre “Freestyle” Rouge 2010:

This is a full bodied wine that will not disappoint. The lively aromas of black and red fruits are spicy with a hint of pepper and a long, smooth finish. Perfect to pair with red meats or game. Priced around $19.99

The Pays d’Oc vineyard embodies all of the high quality standards, uses many of the major grape varietals from different regions of France and yet they are still able to deliver incredible wines to the consumer at very reasonable prices.

Here is what people at the event had to say about Pays d’Oc.

The Vinatta Project is located at 69 Gansevoort St, New York, Ny 10014