Pie Face

| April 11, 2013

pie face plateWe recently had the opportunity to try some of the savory and sweet selections at the newest location of the Pie Face franchise near Penn Station. Straight from Down Under, this unique concept is sure to be a hit with adults and children alike.

We entered the restaurant knowing very little about its offerings, aside from what the name implies, and were quite surprised with the large selection we found. The staff gave a very warm welcome and walked us through all of the options.  From their famous Australian Meat Pies, to quiches and dessert pies, they cover all of the bases for three meals a day (and dessert of course!). Decisions, decisions…as our mouths began to water.

Mini Chicken and MushroomThe mini pies were all decorated with faces, giving the staff and customers a way to differentiate the flavors. They all seemed to shout “pick me” as each one looked perfectly cute and delicious.

Since it was the morning, we started with the delicious bacon, egg and cheese pie. The light and fluffy buttery crust made this an immediate favorite that we will happily add to our morning routine on a regular basis. In addition we tried some of the delicate mini- quiches including; spinach and Lorraine, as well as a scrumptious chocolate croissant.

We complimented our breakfast spread with a fabulous cup of coffee freshly brewed to our liking. I selected the “kick my arse” blend as I needed a morning jolt, while my colleague opted for the milder “open my eyes.” Both were equally delicious and just what was needed to complete our meal.

Since their true claim to fame is the meat pies, we took some to go, to try later that day. All three, the Mince Beef, Chicken and Mushroom, and Philly Cheese Steak were great choices.

For dessert they offer an array of mini pies from lemon to pumpkin to pecan and everything in between. These bite size pies make the perfect serving for those seeking a sinful taste with portion control in mind.

All items are made fresh with wholesome premium ingredients. Fill your day with a smile by checking out one of the three Pie Face Locations in NYC.