Prosciutto Toscano Arrives in the U.S.

| March 2, 2013

parmacottoLast week team DFW made their way to New York’s Eataly for a very special event—the first-ever introduction of Prosciutto Toscano to the United States. Founded in 1978 by Marco Rossi, Gruppo Parmacotto is one of the most important and largest Prosciutto producers in Italy. This is the same organization that owns New York’s Salumeria Rosi restaurants, both of which I am a big fan, and this only added to that status.

The prosciutto was sampled alongside some fine Prosecco and wines, and in a delicious array of appetizers that included having it coupled with pears, scallops, burrata and even fried in fritters. But without a question, my favorite was sampling it straight. It has a delicious, sweet quality that for me quickly rose above what most are used to, Prosciutto Di Parma.

parmacotto plateAs it turns out Parmacotto makes a wide array of fine, cured meats and as the only supplier to the patrons of Eataly, is annually selling over a million dollars worth in that location alone. I was fortunate enough to also taste their porchetta and their roasted pancetta—both also spectacular. I will certainly be seeking out the Parmacotto brand in the future.

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