| September 19, 2012

Yes you heard it right; Rhubarb tea is a new spirit on the market produced by Art in the Age Craft Spirits, a Philadelphia outfit. The 80 proof spirit is apparently well grounded in Philadelphia, with Benjamin Franklin being the first person to bring rhubarb seeds to America, where he worked with royal botanist John Bartam to perfect the original Rhubarb tea.

The product was first released under the RHUBY name, but apparently a bunch of legal issues arose hence the name change to RHUBARB tea. This new spirit follows the initial success the company has experienced with their two other brands, ROOT and SNAP and is available at a retail price of $32.99.

The Rhubarb tea is distilled from rhubarbs, beets, carrots, lemon, petitgrain, cardamom, pink peppercorn, coriander, vanilla and pure cane sugar. A heavy aroma prevails when you drink it neat and the taste is very tart with a spicy finish. Apparently the search to find organic rhubarb for this drink was pretty difficult, but they seem to have pulled it off.

The company was founded by Steven Grasse who was also the creator of two winning brands, Hendrick’s Gin and Sailor Jerry Rum. This drink is currently available in the following states of CA, GA, TX, VA and PA, and it can also be found online at www.hitimewine.net. The small print shows that it is also part of the William Grant company, the family owned Scottish distillery celebrating its 125th anniversary this year.

2 parts Rhubarb tea
4 parts cranberry juice
2 parts orange juice-freshly squeezed
Fill a tall glass w/ice. Add Rhubarb tea and cranberry juice. Gently top w/orange juice

2 parts Rhubarb tea
4 parts tonic water
fresh lime slice
Combine Rhubarb tea and tonic in a glass and garnish w/lime slice

2 parts Rhubarb tea
1 part fresh lemon juice
1 part simple syrup
Club Soda
Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass and shake hard. Strain over fresh ice.
Top off w/club soda. Garnish w/lime wedge.


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