Ron Abuelo

| September 19, 2012

From Great Heritage Comes Great Experience…

When it comes to the fine, aged rums of Ron Abuelo, the quest for perfection in spirits reaches a new high. There is little resemblance to lesser brands that created a category once better known for umbrella drinks and coconut-shaped glasses.
These remarkable rums are created at the hands of the expert distillers at Varela Hermanos, a family-owned company, which dates back to 1908, when Don José Varela established the first sugar mill in the town of Pesé in the recently-formed Republic of Panama. With their dedication to quality and taste, an historic spirit becomes the choice for those who can only be satisfied with the very best life has to offer.

Quality is the hallmark of the brand, but Ron Abuelo’s secret weapon is its cache of mature rum. The 103-year-old company’s expertise and exacting standards are devoted to the creation of a line of remarkable, aged rums sold under the Ron Abuelo name.

“Our brand is the expression of our long and passionate quest to produce the finest aged rum in the world. Abuelo means grandfather in Spanish, and the old man image on our labels reflects the essence of this brand: heritage and tradition,” says Luis J. Varela Jr., the third-generation member of the Varela family now running the company. “We are very proud of our Panamanian birthright and we believe this magical country provides the perfect place to create the very best rums.”

While rum is now aged in several regions around the world, the rums masterfully created at Ron Abuelo’s Hacienda San Isidro in Pesé, are uniquely delicious due to the special climate conditions that bless the hacienda, located in a small fertile valley in the Azuero Peninsula. The moderate rainfall, cool nights, and humid days all play important roles in the development and personality of each spirit. Here, the company controls 100% of the rum-making process: they grow and hand-harvest their own sugar cane (without setting fire to the fields, a practice commonly used), distill their own spirit and age it all at their estate.

The sugar cane is sorted and fed into the milling process for crushing, extraction, juice straining and purification at the Don José Distillery, a state-of-the-art facility that merges traditional and modern techniques to distill spirits. The production process goes from cane juice fermentation along with in-house-raised yeast, to the ageing process inside small white oak barrels—striking a perfect balance between technology and tradition.

The rums are then created by the careful blending of two distinct styles of rum distillates: a light, clean rum distilled to a higher proof and an aromatic base rum with bold, exotic flavors. Carefully crafted and aged in oak barrels that extract notes of vanilla and caramel, the final result is a rich and fragrant spirit.