Roxor Artisan

| September 19, 2012

As far as I know, Roxor Gin from Texas is the only one produced in the State, but more are sure to follow based on the quality of this excellent product. It would be worth buying for the bottle alone, which is a real piece of art and a collector’s item and takes the look of a skyscraper for its model.

The gin has been created by Chef Robert Del Grande who also happens to hold a PhD in bio chemistry. Throw in former Coca Cola executive Don Short into the mix, and the team was in place. Del Grande spent a year working on the all important botanicals that make or break gin, and this gin includes a softer juniper feel along with Texas grapefruit and Texas pecans.

Other ingredients included in this rather unique mix include cinnamon, coriander, orris roots, cocoa nibs and sarsaparilla. It actually took a total of 15 months in all from the original idea to the first bottle being produced which I think is about normal for a new liquor product.

Marketing and distribution kicked off in San Antonio in January this year, and online reviews from local critics and bloggers have been very positive, including one hilarious one from a guy who only received a half-full bottle from the PR representative, accusing him or her of being a drunken sot.

The recipe is distilled in small copper stills in Dripping Springs, Texas, and is then bottled in the The Skyline Bottle, an architectural style work of art. They use the same aquifier water that is used in the production of Dripping Springs Vodka. The Gin is also probably best drank chilled and neat, or with tonic for the real flavors to come out. It will still taste good however in a martini of choice, and since it is such an easy drink and not heavy handed at all, bartenders in Dallas and San Antonio will be having a good time with their creations.

Since the distillery is very small, only 5,000 cases will be produced this year, and at $35 a pop that will likely just be enough for Texas consumption. If you really want to try it then you may have to source it in Texas yourself, or get a friend who lives there send you a bottle.

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