Stolichnaya Launches Pristine Water Series

| December 17, 2012

Le Petit Hermitage Hotel in West Hollywood is rapidly becoming the “go to” place in Los Angeles to launch high-profile liquors with elite pristine water seriespanache and this week was no exception. Daily Food and Wine was at the L.A. launch of the Elit Pristine Water Series-Himalayan Edition, the highest rated white spirit in the world.

Only three hundred bottles have been produced globally at $3000 a pop, so they are expected to be snapped up pretty quickly by the rich and famous for the holiday period. There was a bottle on display at the party and I did get the chance to fondle and feel it, but regrettably not taste it. However, Stolichnaya cocktails were superbly prepared by the hotel mixologists for the assembled media, bar and restaurant owners, and distributors at the event.

What makes this drink special is the water which comes from the Langtang National Park in the heart of the Himalayas. Sherpas have to transport the water down from the mountains where it has been formed from the perpetual melting of snow. It is then combined with winter wheat from the Tambov region in Russia, which is situated alongside the Kershinskoye water reservoir. The wheat is free of all impurities, and the ingredients are mechanically filtered to remove imperfections. The last step is a freeze-filtration process to ensure no imperfections in the final mix.

After those lengths it is then distilled into the world’s most precious vodka and housed in a one of a kind bottle which is made from hand blown Bohemian glass and sealed with a gold-plated decorative ice pick. The bottle then rests in an individually numbered hand-made walnut carved chest. It seems like a pity to even drink this stuff after a production like this, but no doubt some of the lucky purchasers will.

stoli elite pristine water Tasting notes were described as follows;

APPEARANCE: Crystal-clear, slightly viscous

NOSE: Exceptionally clean and neutral, fresh and engaging w/aromas of citrus and fruit blossoms

TASTE: Lively and clean

FINISH: Long and elegant with a velvety smooth finish.

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