Sunday Brunch at Rolling Stone Restaurant

| November 4, 2012

The first restaurant bearing the ROLLING STONE moniker has now been open about 1 ½ years at the Hollywood/Highland Center, right rolling stone restaurant outside viewon Hollywood Boulevard, and four others are in the planning stage. Executive Chef Chris Ennis has the somewhat difficult job of crafting a menu that not only caters to the Hollywood  rock and roll crowd, but to the droves of tourists who will be one-time diners. He also has the challenge of creating dishes that will define his identity, as for years he has been working as the number two or three in a kitchen hierarchy of an array of high profile restaurants,  including Asia de Cuba.

I think he has got the balance right judging by a visit this past Sunday. Unfortunately he was too busy to pop out and chat, but decided to let his food do the talking for him. The things I liked about the restaurant included all the Rolling Stone album covers on the wall, the huge mural of the WHO in the lounge and the sheer enthusiasm of management and staff who seemed to all be up for the experience. The restaurant is very spacious, acoustics are excellent and the music is not overbearing, with songs we have all heard before. At the Sunday Brunch they even had a live band playing “Brunch with the Beatles.”

Let’s go straight to some of the dishes you might want to try that stood out for this writer, because the menu is quite complex and can pull you in several directions. For a snack try the ‘Sticky Banana Bacon Gooey Buns ($8). These will get you started and adorned with smoked pecans; they taste as good as they sound. This dish, like most of the others that will be mentioned is shareable. Good old Deviled Eggs ($8) with house made pickles also hit the spot.

Other enjoyable treats were the Madonna Organic Egg Omelet ($14) with tofu, spinach, pine nuts, feta and marinated heirloom tomato. No substitutions are allowed, however it is served with the side extras of fruit salad and roasted rosemary red bliss potatoes. Butternut Squash Tortellini comes with balsamic apple brown butter and delicious toasted pumpkin seeds for a very reasonable $14, and I also tried the best selling Reuben Sandwich with layers of corned beef on pumpernickel bread for $11.

So there you have it, and although we did not mention the flatbread pizzas, house burger, or any of the main courses like salmon and shrimp, Rolling Stone is doing a commendable job in the food department without being too pretentious or expensive.