Sweet Revenge

| September 19, 2012

It was early Thursday night when Kari returned my call, and I think it surprised even me when I found myself sniveling lightly into the phone.“Harry dumped me.”“Thank God that’s finally over,” she replied, “We’re going out.”

I tried to protest, but Kari quickly rebutted with promises of three things a girl can never refuse when going through a breakup: sugar, alcohol, and good company.  The means to the mission?  We were going to take my feelings of heartbreak and squelch them in wine, beer and cupcakes at a little place in the West Village called, Sweet Revenge.

Sweet Revenge is nestled between Bedford and 7th Avenues on Carmine, right by the West 4th Street stop on the orange and blue lines.  The first thing I noticed when I walked through the restaurant’s large double doors was a giant bird on the ceiling–not a cheap stuffed replica, but a brightly-colored design, like that of a tattoo.  The overall ambiance of the place was what fashionable people would call, “classy-casual,” donning antiqued mirrors and rich wooden fixtures in a small dining space.

The restaurant’s kitchen is an open one, so patrons are able to enjoy both watching the cupcake-making process as well as smelling what they are about to eat.  The sweet aroma of baked goods was enough to lessen the sting of the (What was his name again?) breakup, and we were ready to dig in!

Sweet Revenge is known for its cupcake, wine  and beer pairings, so Kari and I opted to order a couple of “pairs” to share.  Being a sucker for red velvet, I chose the raspberry version, the Crimson and Cream, paired with the suggested Raspberry Bellini.  Kari opted for a darker chocolate selection with the Dirty, and paired it with the suggested Kopparberg Pear Cider from Sweden.

Look of the cupcakes

Taste of the cupcakes

Paired with drinks

Closer: friendly guys ask to join us.  Best “revenge” is to live your life to the fullest… and doing so with a potential new guy, a tasty beverage and one helluva cupcake can only make that revenge taste sweeter.