The Cutting Edge

| January 11, 2013

In 2002, Paul Hellman, a mechanical engineer with a passion for cooking, had a dream: to make the highest quality German forged knives at a fraction of the cost—and he did just that! After interviewing over one hundred chefs in New York City, it was off to the races and the results were stellar!

With the feedback from the chef’s in mind, Hellman developed and patented the “Triple Tang” concept, allowing the weight and balance Gunter Wilhelm knivesof the knife to enhance its feel and performance and Gunter Wilhelm was born. These knives not only represent a great value, but are absolutely gorgeous. Using steel from the largest manufacturer in Germany, these works of art are manufactured by the best cutlery factory in Asia.

Employing an outside inspection team, Gunter Wilhelm does a 100% check of all knives to ensure the ultimate in customer satisfaction. Started by word of mouth and then slowly growing through website sales and trade shows, Gunter Wilhelm now employs over eighty committed team members nationally and internationally in this rapidly growing multi-million dollar company.

Celebrity chefs like David Burke and Ralph Pagano, and celebrities such as Jane Seymour, have embraced Gunter Wilhelm’s knives. But even through all this success, the price of Gunter Wilhelm knives are kept at a down-to-earth and accessible range.

As someone who does not cook a meal without Gunter Wilhelm steel in my hand, I highly recommend that you do the same.

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