Worth the Wait

| October 1, 2012

At the last minute, we hurriedly packed up and headed out to Montauk for Labor Day weekend. As usual it felt like the summer went by in the blink of an eye and we craved a little beach getaway before the fall season rolls in.

With only a few days to plan, we were stuck with a 10:00 PM reservation at our favorite Montauk restaurant, South Edison. We arrived at the restaurant at 9:30 hoping they could seat us a bit earlier.

The restaurant feels like someone’s home in a surf-side town. Decorated simply in white, pale yellow, turquoise and coral reds, with modern lighting and whimsical decor including picnic-like tables, the space is scattered with pails full of salt water taffy and a red-sprayed retro bicycle hung high on the wall. The staff is young and friendly and appears to be surfers by day and staffers by night. They welcomed us at the door and led us to the bar noting our table would be ready “shortly.”

The restaurant was bustling and although they had hoped to get us seated quickly we actually didn’t get a table until 10:20. We promised ourselves this would be our last visit to South Edison, as we had a similar experience last summer.

Minutes after being seated, a friendly waitress came over to take our order and we were served right away. We started with an order of Fried Shishito Peppers made with salt, pepper and vinegar, with a side of their homemade cream sauce. I love Shishito peppers which are normally just seasoned with salt and pepper, but there is something unique in this preparation that adds an incredible sweetness, making them extra special.

Next we indulged in the mouthwatering Spicy Tuna BLT Chalupa. A corn tortilla filled with spicy tuna, smoked bacon, heirloom tomato, Serrano chili and cream sauce, with each bite we were reminded why this was our favorite Montauk restaurant and by the end of this course, somehow the memory of the wait had disappeared completely.

We continued to delight our palates with the Seared Yellowfin Tuna served with a rare harissa cauliflower purée, heirloom beans, hearts of palm, wheat berries and castelveltrano olives. The ingredients were fresh and delicious making this a must have for all seafood lovers.

In the mood for a little surf and turf we progressed to the Grass Fed Filet Mignon accompanied by potatoes and a tomato-corn salad— a perfect companion to the light fish.

In line with the playful nature of the restaurant, we were presented with a S’mores Pie for dessert. Presented in a mason jar, lined with a graham cracker bottom, chocolate mousse center and toasted marshmallow topping, this was the perfect ending to a delicious meal.

By the end of the meal we were so satisfied with the incredible food and service that we were already planning our next visit to South Edison.

Not to be missed…South Edison is located at 17 S Edison St. Montauk, NY 11954